1. What is the relationship between iVentoy and Ventoy ?
  2. iVentoy and Ventoy are two completely different software, but both come from the same author.

  3. No response when double-click iVentoy exe
  4. Please install the VC++ runtime library for VS2019 firstly. Microsoft Official Download Link

  5. Does iVentoy support secure boot?
  6. NO. In UEFI mode you must disable secure boot in the BIOS before use iVentoy.

  7. Does iVentoy support DHCP Proxy
  8. NO. But iVentoy can work together with third-part DHCP server, please refer: About third-part DHCP server

  9. Any other requirements?
  10. The client and iVentoy can be in the same LAN/VLAN or in different LANs/VLANs. Please refer: About third-part DHCP server