About Windows Driver Missing

  • 1. Background

Attention: This article is only for standard Windows ISO files, no WinPE, and only for the latest version of iVentoy.

When using iVentoy to boot some Windows ISO files, sometimes an error as shown in the figure below will be reported:

  • 2. Why

This error is not due to a missing disk driver, but because the setup can not find the install media (ISO).
When iVentoy booting a Windows ISO file, it will initialize the network and mount the ISO file through network as a local drive Y: before launch setup.exe.
If the mount fail, then the above error will be reported. There are two main reasons for the error.
1. It may be that the corresponding NIC driver is missing in the ISO file, causing the network function to be unavailable.
2. There is a problem with the network configuration (for example, no IP address is assigned, etc.)

  • 2.1 NIC Driver

It's simple to check that whether the ISO file contains the necessary NIC driver or not.
When the error reported, press Shift+F10 to launch cmd.exe and run ipconfig /all
If you see a network interface with corresponding MAC address with on iVentoy record, then it means that the NIC driver is OK.
If you don't see such network interface, then it means the NIC driver is missing in the ISO file.
The following is an example with NIC driver OK.

  • 2.2 Network Configuration

If the NIC driver is OK after checked with ipconfig cmd, then continue to run type X:\Windows\System32\ventoy\vtoype.log
Take a photo about the log file content and send to the developer. The following is an example with success log content.